Kitchen mistakes with a few quick fixes

 Kitchen mistakes with a few quick fixes

Kitchen mistakes

Kitchen mistakes

Set up all your ingredients preventing kitchen mistakes

#1. Kitchen mistakes usually happen because you have not set up your ingredients before hand. Have you ever watched any of the cooking shows on TV?  The common practice is to have all your ingredients measured out or directly in front of you prior to beginning the process of cooking or baking. This way you won’t accidentally add an ingredient that isn’t supposed to be in the recipe. The next time you start a recipe, first make sure you gather all the ingredients. Prep and chop everything properly and set up your items as they are needed in the recipe. It will make you a more efficient cook / baker and you will most likely have a delicious item.

Give yourself enough time to cook:

Common kitchen mistakes with a quick fix #2:

 kitchen mistake, overwhelmed parent

Overwhelmed parent

Second most common kitchen mistake is not giving yourself enough time to prep and cook a meal. Being a busy mom, parent or busy professional doesn’t always leave you much time to prepare a nice meal for yourself or the family. In a flash you can totally mess up a dish if you rush through the process. Life does create circumstances which can get in the way of a well-planned idea. Give yourself enough time. If a recipe happens to take two to three hours from start to finish, do not start the dish an hour before dinner. Just logical thinking here. Cook a quick meal that is going to take a shorter amount of time and tackle the more time-consuming dish on a different day.


Get the pan hot enough:

kitchen mistake, not searing item

Pan seared salmon

Common kitchen mistakes with a quick fix #3:

Third common mistake is not searing a food item properly. Make sure you get your pan hot enough. To properly brown your meat, get your pan hot before slowly adding the oil. Use an oil with a high smoking point. Such as safflower, peanut or olive oil. Once your oil is heated,  you can add your meat or fish to the pan. Also, make sure you pat the fish or meat dry with a paper towel before searing it. Using a cast iron skillet is the best type of pan for searing meat.


Overcooking Vegetables:

kitchen mistake, not steaming the veggies

Steamed veggies

Common kitchen mistakes with a quick fix #4:

I find the best way to cook most vegetables is to steam them in a steamer. Usually five to seven minutes is most appropriate for many veggies. Placing a metal steamer in a pot of boiling water is usually the quickest way to steam a vegetable. When the vegetables are finished (they should have a vibrant color and still be firm), shock them in ice water to stop the cooking process. This will prevent your vegetables from overcooking. When serving broccoli, cauliflower etc. as a side dish, 7 minutes is optimum but when using veggies in a stir fry, I will steam them for about four to five minutes and then add them into a wok to stir fry and complete the cooking process. No more soggy veggies.

Sifting those dry ingredients:

kitchen mistake, not sifting ingredients

sifting ingredients

Common kitchen mistakes with a quick fix #5

There is nothing quite as disheartening as pouring gravy over a turkey or chicken and then discovering clumps. Flour blobs in gravy aren’t very tasty. In order to avoid clumps, you should sift the dry ingredients to remove all the lumps. Don’t have a sifter, you can use a fine metal strainer or skip that step and use a whisk or food processor instead.

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