Kitchen skills, ways to teach your kids

Teach your kids kitchen skills

Teach your kids kitchen skills

Kitchen skills:

Basic kitchen skills: First of all, it is always beneficial to have helpers in the kitchen. Even though you don’t want to give younger children knives to play with, the older ones sure can help you prep dinner. Have the children join you in the kitchen. Show them how to cut up vegetables for a side dish or for a soup.  In addition, you can show kids how roasting vegetables can give them a whole new flavor. This can all be one on one time with family members and is a great way to spend quality time together.

Another great thing to learn is how to boil an egg.  While sliced eggs area great addition to a tossed salad they also add protein. Mix them up with mayonnaise for egg salad or deviled eggs.

How to use knives: An important kitchen skill is introducing children to knives. Teach them what each one is used for. Obviously this is for older children but we still need to be around to make sure they are safe. There are many different types of knivesout there and each one is usually designated for a certain purpose. Here is a good website for knives and their uses.

How to cook chicken:Chicken is a very easy piece of meat to learn how to cook.  Teach your children the traditions and flavors that you have learned while growing up.  Most of all, pass down the heritages to keep that alive for generations to come. Chicken can be roasted, boiled in soups, adding it to salads or create a tasty casseroles. In addition, when roasting a chicken, it usually leaves you with plenty of leftovers to create other new entrées.

Pastas:Boxed Mac and cheesehas been getting a bad rap lately. There are way too many added ingredients in the package mixes that aren’t healthy. Teach them how to make it from scratch. It doesn’t take long to prepare. It will make a healthier dish that your children will enjoy.

spaghetti and meatballs. This sauce can be made from scratch or you have many jarred varieties to choose at your local supermarket.

Focus on Safety: 

Furthermore, here is a great article giving loads of tips to be safe in the kitchen. Incorporate your kitchen skills and show the family members how to make their favorite dishes from home. Eating out on a regular basis is not very beneficial to your health. Stick with fresher ingredients instead of take out.