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Who is Debbie Dusylovitch

I am the owner of Debbie’s Home Cooked Meals in Flemington, New Jersey. I have been in love with cooking since childhood. As a youngster, I learned techniques by being at my grandmother’s side. Her ways of cooking taught me old style comfort cooking that fed the soul. In 2005, I decided to change career paths after being a corporate cook and baker for 25 years. I moved on to become a caregiver in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

While I was employed with this company they saw a need for their clients to be supplied with nourishing meals since most were shut-ins or unable to cook for themselves. With my past experience and talent as a corporate cook, I was called upon to provide home-cooked meals. Not only did this service provide comfort food but it also enticed the individuals to eat healthier. In turn, their outlook on life was brighter and health concerns seemed to diminish over time.

The clients who I have served over many years were very happy. It was a dream come true to be able to follow my passion; being able to have clients who loved having me in their homes for conversation and grateful for a home-cooked meal. Once they began eating more nourishing types of food, their health improved along with a significant positive change in their blood work and mental outlook. It’s all about eliminating the takeout, frozen foods, canned products and instead eating food that will nourish the body.

Following your dreams and your passion

In 2009 I left caregiving and formed Debbie’s Home Cooked Meals. It was hard to say goodbye to the clients whom I was serving. In the end, I have seen my company start to grow. It’s all about following your passion and what you can give back to the world.

Debbie Dusylovitch of Debbie’s Home Cooked Meals