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Tips, Tricks, Recipes, and Anecdotes From My Kitchen to Yours.

Super moms, why do we try to do everything and do nothing for ourselves

  Super moms try to do everything.  I find with each and every phone I get, it’s from a  super mom and or a busy professional who believed she had to do everything herself. The thought process is always, if I don’t do it, it won’t get done right or well. We are powerful women…

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Hot Tips: Summer Eating Made Easy

Hot Tips: Summer Eating Made Easy Drop the ice cream! Summer isn’t the time to sabotage your healthy eating routine. Keep reading for simple tips, tricks and techniques to get the most out of your summertime fare. Work in the vegetables. Summer is the greatest time of year for vegetable lovers. There are so many…

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Baby it’s cold out, time for a one pot meals

  One pot meals have been around forever.  With winter lingering and no sign of spring in site, why not prepare easy meals so they can be ready when you arrive home. I am all about comfort food. It’s time to get the family back to the dinner table to enjoy conversations and feeding the body…

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Cauliflower, the versatility of this white vegetable

Cauliflower is a vegetable that has shown to have a huge potential over the last few years. It has very few carbohydrates and contains the mineral boron that helps the endocrine system to keep viruses at bay. It can be easily digested and with the fiber it contains it helps aid the digestive tract. It…

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Making Banana And Strawberry Ice Cream Using Blender

  Ice cream can find its lovers in all age groups. The moment one puts a spoon full of ice cream into his/her mouth, the kind of sensation felt by the person can’t be explained in words. Scientifically, the reason why people love ice cream so much is simply due to the fact that it…

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How to Eat Mindfully, Be Thankful and Enjoy your Food for today is the day

Learn to appreciate every bite but don’t indulge in it….. Eat mindfully and be thankful is the new wave on getting on the bandwagon. Following Oprah and many other celebrities out there who are choosing to follow TM which is Transcendental Meditation. Have gratitude for all that we are blessed with. For some people who…

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Paleo diet, is it a fad or one which we incorporate into our lives

Paleo diet, is it a fad or one which we incorporate into our lives? The Paleo diet has been around for quite some time now. It was created in a way for us human to go back to the way our ancestors would have eaten. Early humans basically ate to survive. They lived off the…

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Dinner, your choice should be a Home Cooked Meal

  Dinner, your choice should be a Home Cooked Meal Dinner never seems to be a thought or idea. Many of us get up each and every day to get the children off to school and then head off to work. Time is being spent traveling back and forth. As the day progresses, you may be running to…

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My review on Medical Medium, Life Changing Foods

  My review on Medical Medium, Life Changing Foods. Today’s Ultimate blog challenge is reviewing a book. I have never been an avid reader so if I choose to read something it needs to catch my attention. While strolling through a shop one day this book definitely caught my attention. It’s a book that relates…

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