Baby it’s cold out, time for a one pot meals

  One pot meals have been around forever.  With winter lingering and no sign of spring in site, why not prepare easy meals so they can be ready when you arrive home. I am all about comfort food. It’s time to get the family back to the dinner table to enjoy conversations and feeding the body…

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My review on Medical Medium, Life Changing Foods

  My review on Medical Medium, Life Changing Foods. Today’s Ultimate blog challenge is reviewing a book. I have never been an avid reader so if I choose to read something it needs to catch my attention. While strolling through a shop one day this book definitely caught my attention. It’s a book that relates…

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Heart health, what you eat does keep you healthier

Heart health, what you eat does keep you healthier   Heart Health is my topic today. On the face book page the Ultimate blog challenge we were asked write about something that comes in a group of 4’s. Since my website is all about eating and feeding the body to stay healthy I decided to write about the heart.  The heart is an organ…

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