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What to expect during the free consultation:

After speaking with you on the phone there is a date set for us to meet and greet. In the meantime I would like you to review what takes place with the consultation. There is a $15.00 fee for the initial consultation. Please print this out to review and initial. Return it to my email at so I am assured that you understand how my services work.

I arrive at your home at the designated time. We will sit down and discuss what type of meals you are looking for and how many entrees will be prepared on the day of service. My fee is discussed along with services I can provide. My service area is within a 15 mile radius. I can serve those outside this radius but there will be a mileage charge added to the bill.

During the consultation please have an idea of what types of food you are interested in having me prepare. There is no set menu so you can review my menu page for ideas. If there are recipes that you prefer, just have them available for me to review and approve. We will discuss who will be doing the food shopping and the time and day I will be at your home to prepare the meals.

As the consultation begins to conclude, I will do a walk through your kitchen to make sure appliances are in working order. I request that there is enough workspace for me to work and prepare your meals. There is a place to store all food prepared for future consumption. I also need to know where the condiments are, the food storage pantry is and where all cooking equipment is stored. This being bowls, pots and pans and utensils.

I do require being able to have instant contact with my clients in case of any issues that arise. This would be an email or texting info.

We will also discuss how I will have access to the home such as a key being left for me or garage door opener code made available for me.

I hope all this helps give you peace of mind knowing your family will have delicious home cooked meals provided for them on a regular basis.

Any doubts on your part, all my clientele are very happy to provide a testimonial for you to ease any of your concerns.

I hope I will be in your home soon preparing those meals you can’t wait to come home too.

Debbie of Debbie’s Home Cooked meals.