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Dinner, your choice should be a Home Cooked Meal


Home cooked meals

Dinner, your choice should be a Home Cooked Meal

Dinner never seems to be a thought or idea. Many of us get up each and every day to get the children off to school and then head off to work. Time is being spent traveling back and forth. As the day progresses, you may be running to meetings here and there, paperwork has to be filed, phone calls returned.

As the day commences, thoughts go through you head that you probably have no time to prepare dinner for the family. More than likely you will stop somewhere to get take-out or gather the family together for dinner at your local restaurant. This may not be a favorable choice especially on a regular basis. 

Are you choosing a nutritious and nourishing meal for you and your family?  Fast food is rarely healthy. Having a home cooked meal may be a better option in the long run. One major advantage is to have your meals prepared in your home meals with the ability to control ingredients. Knowing exactly what your ingredients are and how much you are putting into your food can help you make healthier choices. Cooking at home can often lead to better portion control as well. This way you can regulate the amount of food served for dinner.

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When eating out: Dining out can be fun and it may introduce you to foods you might not otherwise eat at home. When choosing this option on a regular basis it sometimes can have negative nutritional drawbacks. Many restaurants serve large portions, and can contain an entire day’s worth of calories. Eating out also limits your ability to know the ingredients in your food. Restaurant meals are also typically higher in calories than a home cooked meal.

Choosing to eat at home:

You can make eating at home easier and healthier.

Have a weekly meal plan set so you know exactly the items you need for that entrée.

Shop for a variety of foods.

Add new ingredients in your entrees each week to prevent boredom.

Explore new recipes and ingredients to help you consume a wider variety of foods.

It always boils down to making certain choices. Time is money and do I have enough time to cook for the family. Sometimes it may make sense to bring someone in to make sure you are enjoying a home cooked meal. Having a home cooked meal fully prepared and waiting in your fridge will save you time traveling back and forth to the restaurant. You can enjoy a few glasses of wine at home and not worry about driving home under the influence. Last but not least, you can gather the family around the dinner table. Have great conversations which are usually missed when everyone is running here and there.