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Home Cooking Menu

With Debbie’s Personal chef / Personal cooking service, there are many choices from the home cooking menu. The home cooking menu choices are not limited to the items below. We can create a menu from scratch. This may include your family favorites from your own recipes. I am here to help put dinner on the table without worrying about what is for dinner tonight.

Pasta & Italian Dishes

Spinach stuffed shells: Jumbo pasta shells filled with a spinach and ricotta mixture. Topped with a tomato basil sauce and finished with fresh mozzeralla and asiago cheese

Spaghetti and meatballs: A family favorite of homemade meatballs with a tomato basil sauce served with your favorite pasta

Shrimp & Fettuccine Alfredo; Sautéed shrimp with garlic and tossed with a parmesan cream sauce. Served over your favorite pasta

Shrimp Scampi with angel hair pasta or orzo: Sautéed shrimp and garlic with a lemon, and white wine sauce. Served over pasta or orzo

Bowtie Pasta with a vodka pink sauce: Bowtie pasta tossed with a pink vodka cream sauce topped with fresh basil and asiago cheese

Eggplant Parmesan: with a side of your favorite pasta




 Beef or Turkey Meatloaf. Ground meat mixed with onion, breadcrumbs, seasonings and tomato sauce. Baked to perfection

 Burgundy Meatball Stew. Homemade meatballs simmered in burgundy wine, beef broth and assorted vegetables 



 Tenderloin Pork Marsala: Pork Tenderloin sautéed in a Mushroom Marsala sauce

 Maple Glazed Pork Tenderloin: Pork tenderloin with molasses, maple syrup, grainy mustard and spices



 Assorted quiches either filled with spinach, broccoli, ham and cheese baked in a pie crust



Chicken Parmesan: Italian favorites of chicken parmesan topped with a tomato basil sauce and fresh mozzeralla

 Tuscan garlic Chicken: Seasoned chicken breasts with Italian herbs. Combined with sliced red peppers, spinach, parmesan in a garlic cream sauce

 Chicken Marsala: Sautéed chicken and mushrooms topped with a marsala wine sauce

 Honey Sesame Chicken : Batter dipped chicken mixed with a sweet ketchup and honey sauce. Tossed together with mixed vegetables and topped with sesame seeds

 Chicken Francaise: Batter dipped chicken in a tangy lemon sauce

 Chicken Cordon Bleu with a cream sauce:  Lightly breaded chicken breasts filled with Ham and Swiss topped with a rich cream sauce

 Cajun Chicken Pasta: Seared chicken breasts with sautéed vegetables in a Cajun cream sauce over Pasta

 Chicken, mushrooms and artichokes in a lemon sauce:  Chicken cutlets prepared with a tangy lemon sauce. Topped with sliced artichokes and mushrooms.

 Chicken Enchiladas: Flour tortillas filled with shredded chicken, Mexican spices and a creamy tomato sauce. Topped with salsa and cheddar cheese

Chicken Piccata; Egg batter dipped chicken breasts with a tangy lemon caper sauce

Sweet and Sour chicken:  Asian stir fried chicken and vegetables in a sweet and sour sauce



Honey Sesame Shrimp: Batter dipped shrimp mixed with a sweet ketchup and honey sauce. Tossed together with mixed vegetables and topped with sesame seeds

 Cajun Maple Salmon or Mahi Mahi: Salmon or Mahi mahi baked with Cajun seasoning and maple syrup

 Salmon with a Dijon Orange Glaze: Salmon is seared and then glazed with Orange juice, Dijon and Honey

 Citrus Glazed Salmon: Salmon is topped with an orange, lemon, lime and rice wine vinegar sauce

Paleo entrees made upon request


Does work, family and events get in the way of preparing a home cooked meal ? Debbie of Debbie’s Home Cooked Meals, a personal chef service can help. You can sit down, enjoy dinner by using her home cooking menu. The nourishing home cooked meals from the home cooking menu are fully prepared in your home. Every item from her home cooking menu is stored in the fridge and awaits you.

No more worries, no more stress on what am I going to cook for dinner?  I am a personal cooking service in Flemington, New Jersey.

I serve Hunterdon Co, parts of Somerset Co, parts of Mercer Co and parts of Bucks Co, Pa.

Contact me at 908-788-6873